🚪Automated Position Closure (Prescheduled Position Close)

High level: You can setup position closure triggers based on pricing, pool ratio, and time. You can also select a time buffer for pricing or ratio based triggers.

Value Add: Aperture allows you to close out your position based on a price or ratio trigger without needing to constantly monitor market prices. This is particularly useful for users who like to use CL LP positions to execute range orders!

Example: If my ETH-USDC position becomes 100% ETH then close out my ETH-USDC position and return all the ETH to my wallet.

  1. Select the NFT / active position you wish to create a prescheduled close for. You can find Prescheduled Close under advanced tools

2. Similar to Automated Rebalance you can now choose a Trigger Setup based on Price, Ratio, or Time.

You will also choose a Gas Fee Ceiling based on percentage of position or a dollar amount (which we convert back into a percentage of position).

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