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List of repositories open sourced by Aperture

The UniV3Automan contract allows Aperture's automation service to perform three actions: rebalancing, reinvesting, and swapping tokens. It leverages the OptimalSwap library to calculate the optimal token swap amount, considering the desired token ratio and its impact on the liquidity position.

This repository offers close to 30% gas saving and focuses on essential Uniswap libraries for external integrators. It includes modified versions of SqrtPriceMath and TickMath, optimized for modern Solidity compilers (v0.8.0+). Inline assembly reduces gas usage in most functions. Additional libraries, like PoolCaller and NPMCaller, improve efficiency by bypassing extcodesize checks and directly manipulating stack and memory. Helpers, including nextInitializedTick, aid in searching for initialized ticks. Extensive code annotations document optimization techniques used.

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