Liquidity Intent

0.07% (7 bips) across the swap portion for all our rebalancing related "Liquidity Intents" automations. There will also be an additional flat fee of 15 cents. This covers the following automations:

  • Instant Rebalance

  • Automated Rebalance

  • Recurring Rebalance

To give an example - if a user has a rebalance trigger on their $100K ETH-LINK position that requires a swap of $15K ETH for LINK then that user would pay a 7 bips + 15 cents fee on the $15K worth of ETH that was swapped which is equivalent to about $10.65 for a rebalance on a $100K LP position.

ApertureSwap on Manta Network

Aperture does charge 0.15% (15 bps) swap fees for "ApertureSwap" (UniV3 Fork).

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