๐Ÿ’ฐRevenue Earning Limit Orders


Create a revenue earning limit order by providing single sided (i.e. one asset) liquidity at an out of range tick (in Uniswap parlance a "price point" is referred to as a "tick").

If the price of the underlying asset crosses your tick you will receive the new asset plus trading fees less any gas costs.

High level: By providing single asset liquidity at a single tick (price point) on UniV3 you can effectively recreate the limit order experience and earn fees.

Value Add: Aperture has created an easy and intuitive interface to place limit orders on UniV3. For many users this process is difficult to replicate manually because asset prices can swing back and forth across a particular tick before one has the chance to manually close the position. Aperture automatically closes the position once your starting asset has been 100% converted to your desired asset. Users will earn a minimum 0.3% in fee revenue in addition to zero slippage.

Example: Swap (sell) WBTC for USDC when WBTC price is greater than $39,999.

  1. On the left hand side of the web app select โ€œLimit Ordersโ€

2. Select the asset you wish to swap from (sell) and the asset you wish to swap to (buy). Then choose the price you wish to sell at. Then select a gas ceiling in dollars or percentage of order.

3. You will need to approve the usage of these tokens by Uniswap if you have not done so already.

4. Next, click โ€œPlace Limit Orderโ€!

5. Now you can monitor the status of your open orders from the Limit Order section in the web app.

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