⚖️Automated Rebalance (Move Range)

High level: You can setup rebalance triggers based on pricing, pool ratio, and time. You can also select a time buffer for pricing or ratio based triggers.

Value Add: In order to rebalance you would need to manually pull liquidity, calculate the desired amount to swap, swap the desired amount, and then re-add the liquidity to a new position. Aperture collapses all of this into one step and does the calculation for you so that there are no leftover tokens.

Example: If ETH rises to $3,230.76 then rebalance my ETH-USDC position back to 50–50

Note: The swap for the rebalance is currently routed through the same UniV3 pool you are providing liquidity to. In the future 1inch (or other aggregator) will be incorporated into our backend to improve swap experience for long-tail tokens.


  1. Connect your wallet and create a position on Aperture or select the position (NFT) you wish to setup a rebalance for.

  2. Setup the rebalance parameters for your position. You can toggle between three different triggers: price, ratio, or time.

Price: rebalance when ASSET it ABOVE/BELOW a PRICE POINT

Ratio: rebalance when a RATIO is achieved

Time: rebalance on a prescheduled DATE

After you choose the Trigger Setup you can select a “time buffer” if you happened to choose Price or Ratio based triggers. By checking the box you will ensure that your trigger only happens when the price or ratio has been hit for a predetermined number of hours. This allows the position to “breathe” or revert to the mean if the price/ratio condition is only temporary or comes from a flash movement in pricing.

3. Choose the desired asset ratio and tick range for the new liquidity position you want after a rebalance has been triggered.

  • For ticks you can toggle between either asset (similar to Uniswap front-end).

  • Aperture will show the projected liquidity after rebalance in the “Projected Liquidity Position” section.

  • Triggers will auto expire after 90 days

  • Set up a Gas Fee Ceiling by choosing the max amount of gas you are willing to pay in either percentage of position or dollar value terms. Note: if you input in dollars we will convert this to a percentage of position amount which is what the trigger will ultimately be based on

  1. Click “Set Up Automated Rebalance”

Aperture will ask you to sign an off-chain message to enable our smart contract to rebalance your position based on the parameters you chose. However, if you have already enabled Aperture to be an authorized operator then this won't be necessary.

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